WATCH: Woman charged with falsely accusing a Black man of assault

Woman Charged After False 911 Call

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. (ABC) — Amy Cooper, a woman walking her dog charged with falsely accusing a Black man of threatening her in New York’s Central Park, appeared in court via video Wednesday to signal she is prepared to resolve her case through community service.

Cooper was caught on video back in May in a verbal dispute with Christian Cooper, no relation, whom she accused of threatening her and her dog and then, of trying to assault her.

“At no time did the man later identified as Christian Cooper try to assault her,” assistant district attorney Joan Iluzzi said during the brief hearing. “Using the police in a way that was both racially offensive and designed to intimidate is something that can’t be ignored.”

Illuzi said Cooper is prepared to “take responsibility for her actions” through a program designed with the defense to “educate her and the community on the harm caused by such actions.”

The judge agreed to convert the charging instrument from a complaint to an information, a sign Cooper is prepared to plead guilty when her case returns to court November 17.

“This process can be an opportunity for introspection and education,” Illuzi said.

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