Weekend protests gaining traction in the Capitol City

It all started with the Friday night protest turned riot at the gas station on o street, and over the course of the next few days i walked along side protesters, getting to visit a day in each their shoes.

“We’re not asking, we’re demanding for change to the justice system and making sure our people are receiving the justice they deserve,” said Cordara Thompson at the Capitol steps.

Each one provided their own story to tell.

“I got sprayed with the pepper spray, and I had a peaceful mentality, but soon as that pepper spray hit me, it was an irritant, it almost made me want to act out violently. It did make me want to act out violently, but I controlled it,” said Samar Akins at his Lincoln home.

Those present ranged from organizers, to allies, to everyone in between.

“I wanted to put my foot down, and I wanted to be that voice for the people of Lincoln and gather them together so we could be a bigger voice,” said Pamela, one of the prominent young Black Lives Matter organizers.

“Me as a white person, I can’t really understand to that full extent, but the best I can do is be there in support and try to change something because it’s ridiculous,” said Ian, whose wife is black and child is mixed.

“Every color is the same, we all bleed the same, We’re all gonna die in the same grave, I don’t understand why they want to hurt us, why?”

Stories across the board, thousands unified, the environment a powerful statement that will not be forgotten through history.

“There was youth leading that, 20 years old, 21 years old, leading that in a positive way, in a way to get their voice heard. They expressed something and people heard them,” said Jason Witmer, and ACLU member.

The message of love finally coming across Monday night.

“All lives matter to God, so we have to come together as one, and when we can do that, we can put our differences aside, because God created us in his image and his likeness. We’re supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves. In order of us to do that, we gotta love ourselves, and guess what, I love me, and because I love me, I’m gonna love you, regardless of your race, regardless of your religious affiliation, whatever the case may be, this is all about love,” said Pastor Brown, a Lincoln clergy member.

The entire line of events us with an experience and a way to move forward.

“Everybody protesting, find an organization or 2 or 3, find somebody that’s doing something towards a solution, join that movement, get educated,” said Witmer.

After what was shown last night, and in just 4 days, it will forever make us Lincoln strong, Nebraska strong, America strong.



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