Windstream internet outage impacts 650 customers in Lincoln, Waverly

Windstream reports 650 people were affected by an internet outage after a contractor working for the City of Lincoln accidentally cut into fiber wires on Tuesday.

A pharmacy in Waverly had to close its doors while waiting for the internet to get turned back on.

By Wednesday afternoon, they were still waiting for it to be fixed.

U–Save Pharmacy in Waverly had to close temporarily because they couldn’t fill any prescriptions.

One woman had to switch her prescription and drive to Lincoln to get it filled, a frustrating process.

“There’s so many people that need their prescriptions, even just general medication, and they can’t get it unless they have the cash, because they can’t ring them up,” said Tina Gibbons, a Waverly woman who lost her internet connection.

Gibbons says there are other consequences to losing your internet for a day.

“My girls are in high school, and they have to have the internet to do some of their homework.”

The workers at U–Save Pharmacy said they were frustrated they had to turn so many people away.

The credit card machine didn’t work, and they couldn’t look up insurance information or patient history.

“We shouldn’t be this dependent on the internet, but it’s our communication link to everybody,” said Gibbons.

Gibbons lost her connection at around noon on Tuesday.

She says over the past 24 hours, she’s been trying to adapt to life without Wifi, breaking out the DVD’s and watching what’s on local TV.

“It’s been very boring to say the least. I’ve never had the internet gone this long when I’ve actually had it,” said Gibbons.

Windstream reports the fiber wires were fixed Wednesday afternoon.

After being down for about 24 hours, the internet has been restored to the impacted Windstream customers.

*** Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that a contractor working for Allo accidentally cut the wire that caused the outage. The contractor was working for the City of Lincoln on a water line project near 57th and Madison. 

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