Woman Encouraged To Apply For First Responder Positions in Lincoln

LFR and LPD Looking to Diversity its Departments


Lincoln Neb. (KLKN)-Both Lincoln Fire and Rescue and the Lincoln Police Department representatives explained how having diversity across their departments will allow them to better represent the communities they serve.  This may also help people feel more comfortable during an emergency situation, as someone they can relate to is there to help.

“We recently had a group of gals that were on an imminent birth call. One of the females walked in, paramedic, she talks about how you can just see this mom just go oh gosh, and then a second female walked in and she was like oh my gosh, how did this happen,” said Nancy Crist LFR Public Information Officer.

Both the Lincoln Police Department and Lincoln Fire and Rescue are ahead of the national average when it comes to women on the job.

“Women or girls can’t do this job. Absolutely they can, and we have 12% that prove it,” said Crist.
“Sergeants, Captains, Assistant Chief, and now our Chief, we are also sitting at 17.5%.  Keep in mind that the national average for women in ranked positions in law enforcement is 3%,” said Acting Assistant Chief Michon Morrow.

Both departments are working on making the transition for women employees wanting a family, easier.  LPD offers light duty for their pregnant officers.

“Can I have a family? Yes, you absolutely can. The next follow-up question that I think most would have is, what happens when I return to duty and I’m a nursing mother, are there opportunities for me to be able to continue? and that answer is absolutely yes,” said Morrow.

“Vacation time, and sick leave, and FMLA that applies to a firefighter just like any other job,” said Crist.

Many women go into the medical field.  Medical jobs are not just in hospitals or clinics.

“If your looking for the medical field, and you want a cool job, to apply those medical skills, Lincoln Fire and rescue is your answer,” said Crist.

If you worry about being passed up for promotions, Officer Nate Grim is a recruiter for the department.  He explained, they hire based on skills, not on gender, age or ethnicity. Pay is also based on rank, and not what you look like.

“My voice has always been heard. I’ve always been respected for the work that I’ve done, and all of those men that I have worked with, have been encouraging and saw me as a peer. I would just tell you that at no point have I felt that there wasn’t a place for me here,” said Morrow.

If you’re worried about not knowing how to be a first responder, both departments train you on skills necessary for the job.  You can always reach out to them with any specific questions.

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