Youth basketball winter leagues to kick off this season

No after game high fives, stagger start times, and a smaller crowd, these are some of the changes you will see at youth basketball games this season.

LINCOLN, Neb., (KLKN)– No after game high fives, stagger start times and a smaller crowd, these are some of the changes you will see at youth basketball games this season.

“I know some people that aren’t ready to do this yet, others are,” said Jay Jacox, for Lincoln Parks and Recreation.

Lincoln Parks and Rec announced on Monday that Jr. NBA Youth basketball winter leagues will be an option this season.
Children from kindergarten through fifth grade can participate.
The NBA is keeping all its participants in an isolation bubble since the season resumed in July.
So the question arises of how will Lincoln Parks and Rec keep the kids safe as COVID numbers rise in the capital city?

“Were not exactly doing the bubble type of process that the NBA does, but we do have special things in place,” says Jacox. “Normally at our sites, where we have two courts, both games would start at the same time, we have staggered starts now.

He adds this slows the number of people coming in at the same time. Masks will be required unless playing on the court and a player can have one supporter attend.
And though bathrooms and water fountains will be available, they highly suggest bringing your own bottled water and snacks.
We asked Jacox what’s the plan if a COVID exposure was to occur at a game?

“We have what’s called contact tracing,” said Jacox. “So, everybody who is there that day, (he will ask)’Coach tell me what players you have here today?’ and we’re marking them off. Now, with youth sports, it’s a certain set defined roster. So we know who the ten kids that could be there on that team.”
He adds safety is a top priority as the team makes COVID rules for each sport separately.

“Through flag football, we had some people that signed up and then said maybe not yet,” adds Jacox. “That’s fine, that’s good. We want people to feel as comfortable as possible and were going to try to make it as safe as possible.”

Parents can sign their kids up starting this week until October 25th. For more information, visit

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