2019 Nebraska Passport off to a good start

The popular Nebraska Passport program is back for it’s 10th year.

“The passport gives you opportunities to go to places that you never thought you would go and small towns and different places so you can discover things like little shops,” passport participant, Maggie Loos said.

All it takes is one stamp at 70 different locations around the state.

Each year, a business can apply to be included in the program. The tourism office then selects the stops, over 300 applied this year.

One of the three stops in Lincoln is KD Designs and the owner says she has had an average of 16 passport participants a day.

“It’s been incredible, I think this has to be one of the best programs they’ve done as far as the result, the consumers love it, everybody that comes in tells me how many years they have been doing it and each year they shoot to get more stops,” KD Designs, Kara Parde said.

The other two Lincoln stops include Morrill Hall on UNL’s city campus and the Lincoln Children’s Zoo.

“There’s been a lot of activity with the passport, I think they are interested in seeing the zoo, seeing the expansion, having a lot of fun and seeing the great state of Nebraska and finding out all of those great destinations,” CEO/President Lincoln Children’s Zoo, John Chapo said.

Other stops around the state include museums, parks, restaurants, wineries and retail stores. One family says they traveled to 45 stops last year.

“I really like going to the coffee shops and convenience shops in small towns,” passport participant, Emma Loos said.

The program started May 1st and goes until September 30th. Depending on the number of stops you make it too, you could win some prizes. 

The businesses in Lincoln say it’s brought in a lot of people including locals.

“99.9% of the time, as they are walking out the door they say I will be back and that’s another really cool part of the program,” Parde said.

You can pick up a passport at any of the 70 stops or download the Nebraska Passport app.

For more information on the Nebraska Passport, click here.

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