2020-2021 Ford F-350 trucks issued safety recall

Ford F-350s are being issued a safety recall because of a problem with the rear axle housing

DEARBORN, Mich. (KLKN)- 34,939 2020-2021 Ford F-350 Super Duty trucks are being issued a safety recall due to a problem with the rear axle housing.

According to Ford’s news release, “Customers may experience vibration and/or shaking while driving at highway speeds, and/or shuddering upon acceleration. In the event of a disconnected driveshaft, customers may experience loss of motive power while driving or loss of transmission park function if the parking brake is not applied, increasing the risk of a crash.”

No accidents or injuries have been reported to Ford in relation to this condition.

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Ford F-350 owners will be notified starting the week of August 16. A Ford dealer will inspect the rear axle to determine if it’s deformed. If it is, the axle housing will be replaced.

If the axle is not deformed, the dealer will do a weld repair on the spring seats.

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