2020 walk-on class could be Nebraska football’s best according to Frost


Husker football head coach Scott Frost said the 2020 walk-on class could be Nebraska’s best yet. WATCH:

“The walk-on class helped us a lot this year. I think starting next year it is just going to get to a point where it is helping us more and more. I think that that level of support from the walk-on program and the contribution from the walk-on program is going to increase every year. It is kind of highlighted by Isaac Gifford from right here in town. Gosh, we are so excited to have him on the team. Just as excited as we are for anyone else we got today. He is going to be an early enrollee too, so he is going to make us better right away. I think also Ty Hahn from southeast Nebraska is a receiver that is as good as a lot of scholarship guys around the country, he just played 8-man football. He is right down the road. But, guys like that are going to come in and help. I really like this walk-on class. I mentioned two guys but there are a lot of guys from around the state and around the area that are coming here as walk-ons. I think this might be as good of a class as we have had since we have been here,” Scott Frost said.



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