A Lincoln business bets on creativity to fight inflation

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Inflation is putting extra pressure on the wallets of families in our state, and it’s no different for local business owners.

Jillian Thompson, the owner of Berries by Jillian, left her full-time job earlier this year. She wanted to fully dedicate herself to her business of strawberries and chocolate.

But with inflation, it hasn’t been easy.

“The cost of strawberries has almost doubled,” Thompson said. “I used to be able to get 2 pounds for around $3 to $4, and now it’s just about $8.”

She had to raise prices even though she did not want to. In order to avoid raising prices even more, she said she had to diversify her products.

“I’m just trying to think creatively and figure out other things that I can sell to kind of keep costs down,” she said.

Some examples of these are cocoa bombs, chocolate-covered Oreo cookies and chocolate-covered marshmallows.

And if inflation wasn’t enough already, there are other things affecting her business.

Thompson said crops were hit hard by extreme weather, so sometimes there is shortage of products.

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