A restaurant owner talks effects of another COVID shutdown

A restaurant owner is concerned another shutdown will damage local business.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — With more DHMs in place as COVID numbers rise in hospitals, a local business owner wonders what the future holds for his business and others in Lincoln.
“It seems like it’s all or nothing,” said Jeff Parker, Parker’s Smokehouse. “If we need to shut everything down for a month and stop the spread of the COVID then let’s do it, but to say this business can stay open but this one has to close, it’s not fair.”

Jeff Parker is one of many restaurant owners who worry about getting indoor service shut down again. He says take out is only 20 to 30 percent of his business sales and to layoff workers again would be heartwrenching.

“And people don’t just automatically come back in our businesses,” said Parker. “Restaurants are just now getting going again. You can wear a mask. We only have about 50% of our tables in the dining room. We do as much sanitation as we can and it doesn’t seem like this is the problem.”

Parker says it is unfair that the governor is allowing other big box stores to stay open while restaurants who are following all the rules suffer.

“You can’t shut down businesses but yet not ask people to wear a mask,” said Parker. “That’s where we’re having a problem with the governor. He’s refusing to put in a mask mandate but yet he’ll shut down businesses.”

He adds it’s vital for the public to work together so the community and economy survives.
“It’s what we have to do right now,” said Parker. “Everybody needs to wear a mask whenever they’re out in public so we can stop the spread of this and we can just get back to business as normal. I think that’s what everybody wants is to go how life was before.”

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