Senator’s bill would put a nursing room inside the Nebraska State Capitol


On Tuesday Omaha Senator Machaela Cavanaugh’s staffer posted a photo her breastfeeding her six-month-old son Barrett on the legislative floor, which quickly went viral.

“He was hungry and I had work to do, so I had to multitask. My staff took a picture and they asked me if it was ok to post it and I said sure why not, you know it’s a day in the life of the legislature, and it really resounded with people,” Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh of Omaha said.

During Senator Cavanaugh’s orientation, she needed to pump, but could never be too far away from the legislative floor.

So the senator was escorted to a nearby room behind the legislative floor to small doctor’s office, which had no public access.

She then realized the lack of nursing room’s and she needed to push for a bill to have a nursing room put somewhere inside the capitol.

“When moms are here advocating for different issues that they have and a little one that they are taking care of it would be great to have a space for them to do that,” Cavanaugh said.

Currently, when women want to breastfeed inside the Nebraska State Capitol they are shown to a bathroom stall, which doesn’t make for the most inviting atmosphere for mothers visiting.

“This is the people’s building and it would be great if this building were more accessible to people who are visiting,” Cavanaugh said. 

Cavanaugh’s bill was introduced on Wednesday, and they hope that with bi-partisan support this can quickly be passed, and there will be a nursing room in the capitol building by the next legislative session. 

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