UPDATE: 27th from Van Dorn to Calvert open after water main break

By: Brittany Paris

Crews spent hours on Friday working to fix a water main break on S. 27th Street. They say water started coming up around 1:00 in the afternoon.

Because of the below freezing temperatures, they had to close 27th from Van Dorn to Calvert, causing a big back up for rush hour drivers.

“We immediately came out here, we seen how slick the roads could get so we called Lincoln Police to block off both sides of this because I didn’t want anybody to slide and crash,” Jerry Hockemier, Utility Supervisor, said.

Lincoln Public Works says the leak was right in the middle of the road, forcing them to dig it up..

“It washed out a hole in the middle of the street. So that was another of our concerns, the street could collapse,” Hockemier said.

They replaced the main with a new pipe. They say decades of use caused it to break.

“It’s a pretty old main. It’s probably close to 100 years old,” Hockemier said.

Crews were also working to get water back to nearly 50 homes in the area. Some residents had to take a different route to get home.

“We had some bottled water for cooking tonight, but later on we’ll probably have issues if it’s too much longer with going to the bathroom and normal things like that,” Steven Frank, Lincoln, said.

The area was expected to open around 8 p.m. Friday.

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