UPDATE: Devices at DNC HQ confirmed to be explosive

ABC News has obtained a photo of one of two suspected explosive devices found in DC and shared it with us
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)-A federal law enforcement source told ABC News Thursday morning that the device pictured above –found near the Democratic National Committee headquarters–along with a duplicate device that was found near the Republican National Committee headquarters, were actual explosive devices and not fake ones.

The FBI agent who is leading this portion of the investigation denied commenting.

3:32 am 1/7/21

ABC News has received an exclusive photo of one of the two suspected explosive devices found in D.C.

The suspected device in the above photo appears to be wired with a timer. It was found adjacent to the Republican National Committee headquarters.

After this first device was discovered, police searched the area near the Democratic National Committee headquarters building, finding a second device a couple of blocks away from it under a bush. Both buildings are a short distance from the U.S. Capitol, where Wednesday, violent Trump supporters broke through police lines, storming the Capitol building.

In a statement Wednesday night, the FBI said, “Two suspected explosive devices were rendered safe by the FBI and our law enforcement partners.”

Authorities still have yet to determine if either of these devices were functional bombs, or simply made to appear like explosive devices, according to law enforcement sources. Bomb technicians have reportedly used water cannons to break apart the devices and make sure they’re harmless.

Sources told ABC News that investigators are examining the remainder of pieces from the devices to search for clues about the construction of them.

Forensic experts are also doing chemical analysis on the devices to see if they were filled with explosive material.

The FBI says this is an ongoing investigation.

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