Ada Robinson Elementary School is on a tight schedule to finish construction

The brand-new school will likely be completed just days before opening

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A Lincoln Public Schools official warned that the teachers at Ada Robinson Elementary School will likely be able to be in their finished classrooms only days before school starts.

The school will hold over 500 students, with the ability to add on in the future and hold a maximum of just over 800.

Principal Jeff Vercillino held a parents’ meeting Monday night to cover the goals of the teachers and students starting in the fall.

“Our most important jobs as a school and as a community is to make sure that we honor Ada’s legacy and bring about and bring to life some of her most important core values,” Vercellino said.  He said that some of their primary values would include equity and fun and that they would work on building among between students, families and the community.

In the meeting, LPS Director of Operations Scott Wieskamp said the district is feeling the pressure to get the building completed on time.

The anticipated starting date for Ada Robinson is Aug. 15.

“I can guarantee that your kids will be there on that day, but I can’t guarantee Jeff that he’ll get in there much more than a few days before that,” Wieskamp said.

The school will be located at 1350 N. 102nd St. It is named after a former LPS educator, Ada Robinson. For more information about the school, visit its website.

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