After holiday, debris needs cleaned up, unused fireworks disposed

The Fourth of July festivities may have ended, but they left a lot of litter in their wake.

On top of that: Rain.

That’s why Parks and Recreation and Watershed Management were at Oak Lake Park Friday, cleaning up firework debris.

“We were here picking up litter after the Uncle Sam Jam,” Erin Kubicek said.  “The weather wasn’t cooperating with us very much today, but we still got out here and we were picking up some things.”

Kubicek said it’s important to pick it up before it washes into our lakes and streams.

“There’s a lot of things in fireworks like heavy metals, there’s chemicals that help propel the fireworks into the air and those things are actually pretty water soluble,” she said.

The same goes for debris that’s left in streets.

Also, those who have leftover fireworks may want to listen up: Officials said hanging on to those unused explosives is not a good idea, because they can become unstable.

That’s why the Bureau of Fire Prevention set up a spot at Oak Lake Park, where folks could drop off those unused devices and unwanted ammo.  This way it’ll be disposed of properly.

“The powder inside over time can become more sensitive and degrade,” Chief Fire Inspector Bill Moody said.  “So we really urge people to get rid of them.  I know they’re expensive, but the risk of leaving them in your home is not worth it.”

They stopped taking unused fireworks earlier Friday afternoon, but they can take those fireworks off your hands anytime.  They’ll even come to your home.

Just give them a call at (402) 441–6437

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