All vegan restaurant makes its debut in Lincoln

A new restaurant has made its debut in the capital city.

Rutabagas is located near 12th and Q streets in the heart of downtown Lincoln, but it’s offering a special twist to your favorite comfort foods.

It features an all vegan menu with items that might surprise you.

“So many people will have their ‘meat and potatoes dad’ try our nachos and he’s so surprised after they tell them that there’s no meat or cheese or anything,” manager Kayli Anderson said.

The owner, Sara Brown, said after switching to a vegetarian diet, she wanted to create a place where non–meat eaters could rejoice.

“Over the year, I have recruited a team of really fantastic individuals and together we have crafted our very own Rutabaga recipe,s and it has been a lot of fun,” Sara Brown said.

The menu features items such as bacon mac and cheese, a Rutabaga and jackfruit nachos.

Chef’s say cooked jackfruit can often imitate the texture of meat and with the right sauce can even taste like it.

It’s not just a menu for vegans, it draws in even the most unlikely consumers.

“I would say the majority of my customers still consume that typical standard mid-western diet, but they’re looking for something new. They are wanting to explore,” Brown said. 

Brown says you just have to be patient when switching to a vegan diet, and keep an open mind when trying new foods.

As for the future of Rutabagas, there’s a lot to look forward to!

“We have a brunch menu that we’re coming out with and it’s going to be really, really good. I’m excited for that one,” Anderson said.

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