Another front arrives on Monday

Sunday presented a tricky forecast as high temperatures were entirely dependent on how fast a warm front moved through the area. West of the front, temperatures were very mild. Highs reached the middle-50s in the Tri-Cities!

However, to the east of the front, temperatures were stuck in the 20s & 30s all afternoon. That was the case in Lincoln and points east. Check out the difference in temperatures from 5PM Sunday!

Temperatures - 5PM Sunday

The warm front will continue marching through the area on Sunday evening. This will allow temperatures to remain in the 30s on Sunday evening without seeing much cooling. Many will be waking up to temperatures in the 30s on Monday morning.

We’re watching another front that will pass through the area on Monday. Monday’s high will depend on the timing of this front too, so there is some uncertainty with the temperature forecast. Nevertheless, Lincoln has an opportunity to surpass 40° on Monday, with warmer temperatures to the south and cooler temperatures to the north.

Monday Forecast

We will hold onto clouds for much of the day on Monday. However, there should be a window of clearing sometime late Monday afternoon and evening.

While Lincoln remains dry on Monday and Tuesday, some in western Nebraska may see a few snow showers. A few flurries may approach the Tri-Cities late Monday or early Tuesday, but they shouldn’t be anything significant. Flurry chances east of the Tri-Cities are slim to none.

Stormcast Tuesday Morning

Tuesday will feature colder temperatures, but it is a cooldown that is short-lived. Temperatures rise back above normal starting Wednesday.

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