Be wary of freezing pipes as Lincoln’s temperatures drop

Whenever temperatures drop below freezing Lincoln plumbers gear up and get ready to respond to dozens of calls for frozen pipes.

“There’s always that potential when it gets this cold and we prepare for it,” Ken Murphy, a plumber for Green’s Furnace and Plumbing Co. said. “We always have our thawing kits.” 

But you need to prepare too, so you don’t end up calling Murphy to your home this winter. 

He said double check that your hose is taken off your outdoor water faucet and check all of your pipes to see how insulated they are. 

If they aren’t insulated, you can buy additional insulation at any home improvement store. Murphy also suggests opening cupboard doors to allow warm air to get to your pipes under your kitchen sink. 

“You can also leave water trickling in one of your faucets, the water can’t freeze if it’s running,” he said. 

He said it’s best to take any precautions you can now because if a pipe bursts it can cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage and clean up the mess the water made. 

If you think you have a frozen pipe the first thing you need to do is turn off the water and then call a plumber. 

If you’d like to call Green’s Furnace and Plumbing Co. their phone number is 402-467-4444.


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