Biden wins Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district electoral vote

Biden's victory in NE-CD2 eliminates possibility of an electoral tie in the general election.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won a key electoral vote in Nebraska, one that can have a dramatic effect on the general election.

Nebraska is one of two states in the United States that splits their electoral vote between congressional districts. President Donald Trump won four of Nebraska’s five electoral votes, with Biden winning in Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district.

This is significant because it eliminates the possibility of an electoral tie in the race to 270 electoral votes.

Just last week, President Trump held a rally in Omaha, an indication of how important Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district was to the Trump campaign.

In 2016, President Trump won NE-CD2 by 2% against Hillary Clinton. The last time a Democrat carried Nebraska’s second district was in 2008 when Barack Obama won it.

With no possibility of a tie, the fate of this election lies in key swing states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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