Bill to ease restrictions on food trucks in Nebraska

Courtesy of our partner NTV News:

Food trucks were in the spotlight for one of Nebraska’s legislative hearings, with discussions for a bill what would unify requirements across the state.

LB732, introduced by District 7’s Sen. Tony Vargas and District 3’s Carol Blood, looks to streamline the process for getting food truck permits by removing individual requirements placed on them by cities or counties.

Under the bill, known as the Mobile Food Unit Act, permits would be universally issued to food trucks by the Department of Agriculture. Registration fees would be capped at $75, and inspection fees would be capped at $40.

The bill would allow food trucks to park on public property without fear of restriction, and it would also remove a common rule that bans food trucks from operating within 50 feet from an existing retail establishment or restaurant.

Cities and counties would still be able to enforce certain rules, such as restricting hours of operation and noise levels, as long as the restrictions are applied equally to each food truck.

The full language of the bill can be found here.

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