Blustery Thursday forecast 1/14/2021


The biggest weather concern this morning continues to be high wind speeds. Some spots have already seen wind gusts as high as 60 mph, and these gusty conditions will continue throughout the morning. Be cautious during your morning commute and hold on tight to the steering wheel. A Wind Advisory is in effect throughout the day today and into tomorrow afternoon. This is because gusts will be around 50 mph for both today and tomorrow. On top of the windy conditions, we could see scattered sprinkles throughout the day today as well snow flurries by late this evening. These flurries will last into overnight tonight and will reduce visibility through the morning commute tomorrow. Highs today will hit the low 40s with highs tomorrow in the low 30s.

  • TODAY: Wind gusts will near 50 mph at times throughout the rest of the day with sprinkles/flurries likely. Highs will still be mild, but a bit cooler in the low 40s. HIGH: 42
  • FRIDAY: AM morning commute is the biggest concern due to limited visibility and blizzard like conditions. Snow flurries will fall throughout the day, with a dusting of snow possible. HIGH: 31
  • SATURDAY: We start warm just a bit. Highs return to the mid-30s with partly cloudy skies. HIGH: 36
  • SUNDAY: The 40s are back with mostly sunny skies and highs in the low 40s. HIGH: 42
  • MONDAY: We continue to warm back to the mid-40s with more sunshine and the chance for an isolated shower. HIGH: 45

Meteorologist Brittany Foster


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