Both sides react to new bump stock ban

The presidents of Nebraska Firearms Owners Association and Nebraskans Against Gun Violence have one thing in common: they don’t think banning bump stocks is going to do anything. 

The Trump administration released the new federal regulation on Tuesday. 

Both anti and pro gun groups in Nebraska think it’s a feel good ordinance, and no lives will be lost or saved because of the ban. 

“When we look at legislation or ordinances to attempt to reduce violence, we look for cause and effect and we really want our elected officials to spend their time on ordinances that are really going to make a difference,” Patricia Harrold, president of Nebraska Firearms Owners Association, said. 

While Amanda Gailey, president of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, thinks banning bump stocks is start, it’s not addressing any real problems or holding anyone accountable. 

“It comes at no expense to the fire arms industry; it comes at no political expense to congress, so none of our leaders are having to stand up for a policy change,” Gailey said. 

Both Harrold and Gailey want effective, positive legislation brought forth to end gun violence, but still protect the second amendment. 

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