Ukraine tells Fortenberry that Russians are using banned ‘Butterfly Bombs’

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The use of “Butterfly Bombs” by Russian forces was confirmed to Rep. Jeff Fortenberry during a Zoom call with members of Ukraine’s Parliament.

When asked by Fortenberry, Parliament member Anastasiya Radina confirmed the use of the internationally banned bombs.

A Butterfly Bomb is a small antipersonnel bomb fitted with two folding wings that flutter and arm the fuse as the bomb falls.  Because of their unusual shape, children often perceive the mine as a toy.

Transcript of Exchange:      Fortenberry: We received another report that the Russians dropped these butterfly bombs into humanitarian corridors that are designed to maim people, particularly children, [who] will go and pick them up because they look like toys. Do you have confirmation of this?       Radina: Yes, this is true reported by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.  That’s true.  And this is just one example of the war crimes that Russia is [committing].

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