Brick Days inspires those of all ages to build with Legos

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — On the front of each box of Legos, it says the product is for those ages four and up. That sentiment rang true as fans of all ages gathered at the Lancaster Event Center this weekend for Brick Days.

Brick Days organizer Daniel Schmidt said Legos appeal to different ages for different reasons.

“If you’re a kid and love playing with Legos, [it’s about] building really cool stuff,” he said. “But as an adult, you can build cool and intricate stuff.”

The event hosted many talented creators who showed those who visited that the building blocks are for more than just play.

The exhibition area of the event hall showcased a variety of projects that ranged from architectural marvels to artistic representations.

“It really taps into engineering and artistic sides of things, and you can share it with your kids as well,” Schmidt said.

One exhibit included rendered-down models of important places in Lincoln like the restaurant Lazlo’s in the Haymarket and the Joyo Theater in the Havelock district.

Near the back of the venue, kids and a couple of parents took part in building their own Lego cars to race down a derby track. Many builders took multiple turns racing, making adjustments after each race.

“It seems to me that people are really responding well to Brick Days,” Schmidt said. “They love it, there is a lot of smiling faces and happy kids.”

After spending the day taking in the sight families could buy prepackaged sets or grab bags of random Legos to continue expressing their creativity outside of the venue.

If you missed this weekend’s Brick Days the next one will be held in the Spring in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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