Bryan LGH Unveils New Program Called “Intervent”

Have you been thinking about losing some weight? Maybe drop your blood pressure and stress level at the same time. There's a new program at Bryan LGH called “Intervent,” that is helping people do exactly that.

Through the program, you have your own mentor. Someone who supports and guides you to your goals. One person who's going through the program right now says in about 15 weeks he's lost 54 pounds.

To enroll in the Intervent program, you need to bring your blood tests and an okay from your doctor. You can either sign up for a 12 week program or for a full year. So far, about a thousand people have joined. This is not necessarily a quick weight loss program. It's about making long term lifestyle changes.

Bryan LGH has invited Rod Fowler and two of our viewers to take part in this program for 12 weeks, free of charge. We want you to write to us and tell us why you would be a good candidate for this program. We'll even arrange it for you to get free blood tests which is something you'd normally have to pay for.

You can e-mail us at or send us a letter.

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