Channel 8’s “Top Sports Movies to Stream Online” Bracket

A 32-team bracket of the best sports movies online
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We all are looking for things to do and watch during this time of social distancing and quarantine.

So we decided to compile the top sports movies you can stream online in the best way possible. A bracket.Channel 8's Top Sports Movies To Stream (4)

These movies are all from the top four streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime.

You can vote for the best sports movies out of our bracket on Channel 8 sports director Andrew Ward’s Twitter page (@AndrewWardKLKN). We will vote on four matchups a day beginning Monday, March 23, until the end of the first round. Then we will go down to two matchups a day until the end of the tournament.

Vote here:

Where to stream these sports movies:

  1. Field of Dreams (Hulu with STARZ add on)
  2. Miracle (Disney+)
  3. Hoosiers (Hulu with STARZ add on, SlingTV)
  4. The Natural (Netflix)
  5. Raging Bull (Netflix)
  6. Slap Shot (Hulu with STARZ add on)
  7. The Sandlot (Disney+)
  8. Remember the Titans (Netflix)
  9. Bull Durham (Amazon Prime, Hulu with STARZ)
  10. Space Jam (Netflix)
  11. Blue Chips (Amazon Prime)
  12. Cinderella Man (Hulu with STARZ add on)
  13. Major League (Amazon Prime)
  14. Bad News Bears (1976) (Hulu with STARZ add on)
  15. White Men Can’t Jump (Amazon Prime)
  16. Jerry Maguire (Netflix)
  17. Cool Runnings (Disney+)
  18. For the Love of the Game (Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime)
  19. Any Given Sunday (Netflix)
  20. Kingpin (Netflix)
  21. Moneyball (Hulu)
  22. Goon (Netflix)
  23. Secretariat (Amazon Prime, Disney+)
  24. The Mighty Ducks (Disney+, HBO)
  25. Happy Gilmore (Hulu with CINEMAX/STARZ add on)
  26. Coach Carter (Amazon Prime)
  27. 61 (Hulu with HBO add on)
  28. Glory Road (Disney+)
  29. Gridiron Gang (Netflix)
  30. The Blind Side (Amazon Prime)
  31. The Waterboy (Amazon Prime)
  32. The Longest Yard (1974)  (Netflix, Hulu with Live-TV)
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