City crews fill 8,681 potholes

Courtesy: Office of the Mayor

City pothole repair crews filled another 3,258 potholes Wednesday for a three-day total of 8,681.   Crews have been working 10-hour days since Monday when Mayor Beutler  directed that City resources be shifted to increase pothole repair and issued an emergency declaration. The Public Works and Utilities Department deployed 58 workers today.  Over the three-day pothole surge, crews have used about 131 tons of material.  Crews will begin another 10-hour day at 7 a.m. Thursday.

Potholes and other non-emergency street problems can be reported in four ways:

 Call the Pothole Hotline at 402-441-7646.  If that line is full, callers can use the Neighborhood Hotline at 402-441-6300.

                  Use the online form available at (keyword: pothole).

                  Use your mobile phone to send a photo to the City’s ACTION center.  The free application is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices (search for “Lincoln Action Center”).  The message will automatically include GPS (global positioning system) information.  This app should never be used while driving, and residents should never put themselves in danger to take a photo for the ACTION center. 

                  Street problems requiring immediate action should be reported to the Street Maintenance Division of Public Works and Utilities at 402-441-7701.

Those reporting emergency situations should always use 911.

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