City of Lincoln releases preparation measures for coronavirus outbreak

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird reminds us to keep cool and not be alarmed, as the city is preparing for the instance that coronavirus may be at our doorstep.

Baird opened Monday’s coronavirus news conference with this statement:

“While there are still no cases of COVID–19 confirmed in Lincoln or Nebraska, the picture across the globe and our country is changing rapidly,” said Mayor Baird.

She called this gathering to address how the city will be dealing with the outbreak, the virus drawing closer and closer to Nebraska’s borders.

“Our current goals are to minimize the local impact of COVID–19, and to provide our residents with the accurate and up to date information that they need to make informed decisions for their families,” said Baird.

County and city health officials were called to the podium to provide their insight when dealing with the issue.

“We have subject matter experts of infectious disease, as well as emergency preparedness that have been monitoring this situation since early in January,” said Lisa Vail, a Bryan Health official.

“This time, there is no impact on critical services in Lincoln and Lancaster county and it is important for everyone to know that we have measures in place to detect any cases quickly, to minimize transmission of the disease, and to guide our community’s response,” said Baird.

Officials require your part as the citizen to keep the disease from spreading.

“If you’re ill, staying at home, and if there is a concern that you may have been in contact with somebody with COVID–19 or recent travel, to call your provider ahead of time when you arrive, if you’re going to come to a healthcare facility,” said Dr. Renuda Vivekanandan of CHI St. Elizabeth hospital.

“Most importantly, please cover your mouth when you cough,” said Pat Lopez, Interim Director of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.

They remind the public to make sure not to touch your face and eyes.

Officials will keep the public informed through 3 main channels: the city website at–, the Health Department hotline at 402–441–8006, and these community briefings at 11am every day as needed.