City won’t be paying for mailboxes destroyed by snowplow

Mailbox, after mailbox, after mailbox was damaged or destroyed along Normal Boulevard in Lincoln after a City snow plow took out nearly 30 blocks of mailboxes.

The incident happened nearly three weeks ago between February 16th and 17th.

One property owner Channel 8 News talked to spent over 100 dollars and several hours trying to replace his two mailboxes.

“Probably about $70 a piece, but that’s me doing it myself,” Mike, one of the affected homeowners, said. 

Originally Miki Esposito, the Director of Transportation and Utilities for the City, encouraged homeowners to file a claim with the City, but now the city says it won’t pay up.

“The position we’ve always taken is that it’s at the risk of the property owner that something may happen and city ordinance also relieves us for those kinds of damages,” Chris Connolly, the acting City Attorney, said.

Under the City’s municipal code they are released from liability for damages to mailboxes by snowplows.

Negligence has to be found on the part of the City for them to pay up.

Connolly said only 30 property owners were affected by this incident, however that’s only counting the number of people who have filed claims.

Several homeowners Channel 8 News spoke with said they wouldn’t even bother filing because the City wouldn’t pay it.

Connolly said he’s sympathetic to those affected, but the matter is mailboxes are in the City right of way.

“We understand that the postal service requires them to put up a mailbox, however it’s still at their risk if damage occurs as a result of snow operation such as this,” Connolly said.

The City Council has the final say on whether or not claims for the mailboxes will be paid, but normally they side with the recommendations from the City Attorney and that is not to pay.

As for the snowplow driver who hit all the mailboxes, Connolly said the City is still investigating the incident and the driver is still out plowing.

If the City Council denies the claims to pay for the mailboxes homeowners can then sue the City to try and get the claim paid for.

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