Coronavirus concerns pushes hundreds to empty store shelves

COVID- 19 has families stockpiling cleaning supplies, toilet paper and groceries.

Many stores are trying to keep up with demand.
COVID- 19 has families stockpiling cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and groceries.
Customers told Channel 8 that what drew many of them to shop is hearing rumors that there is a lack of supplies.

“I hope it’s not as bad as people think,” says Rebecca Cast.

Various store parking lots are full of customers trying to stock up as coronavirus concerns grow.
Cast was like many families today, out emergency grocery shopping. As workers tried to restock, they couldn’t keep products on the shelves.
She came from out of town to make sure her family has what they need.

“We like to stock up just to be safe and everybody else is panicking,” says Cast. So, it’s kind of causing other people to I think to panic a little bit.”

As President Trump announced the country is under a national emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak, hundreds came to local grocery stores.

“It was a long time at the checkout and a lot of stuff is very low,” adds Mariam Hazelwood.

Hazelwood is describing the bare bones of aisles as people rush to buy necessities like toilet paper, cleaning products, and hand sanitizers.
She is a grandmother and says she is stocking up just in case schools close and the virus becomes more on an issue.

“With my daughter and granddaughter, we live together”, says Hazelwood. “I want enough for us all so we don’t run out but I always do anyway but I’m a little more now.”

A father says his family is stocking up but he doesn’t want the public to fall for those trying to make a profit.

“You can try to keep stocked up on it but not to the extreme,” says Charlie Sorenson. “I see some people buying 10 to 12 rolls of toilet paper, four or five cases of hand sanitizer, and then trying to sell it on the internet. That’s ridiculous.”

Cast shared a thought that many Nebraskans may have as they prepare for what could be a tough road ahead.

“We’re just doing our best to keep everybody safe and then keep us safe,” says Cast.

Many stores are limiting how much of a certain product you can buy and store managers say they’re restocking as fast as possible.

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