Coronavirus: Fact or Fiction?

Many of you have questions about coronavirus - and we're getting answers from local health experts.
Fact Fiction Still

There’s a lot of information flying around about COVID-19. Here at Channel 8, Nebraska’s Trusted News Source for coronavirus coverage, we want to help you sort through it all.

We’ve taken your questions and gotten answers from local health experts – to help separate fact from fiction. In this editionm we talked to Dr. David Quimby, an infectious disease doctors at CHI Health.

Question 1: Fact or fiction – there is a cure for the coronavirus (COVID-19)? 

Answer:  “How about: to be determined? There is nothing that has been proven to work right now. There are various ongoing study trials, and we might actually have a good answer for that in the upcoming weeks or months.”

Question 2: Fact or fiction – a person can be a carrier for the coronavirus without displaying any symptoms? 

Answer: “Fact. The problem is people will often be a carrier for at least a little bit of time before they develop symptoms, so it is possible to carry before you have symptoms. Some people are lucky enough to never get clinical ailments.”

Question 3: Fact or fiction – the coronavirus can be transmitted through water (such as drinking water or swimming pools)? 

Answer: “As far we know, fiction. If somebody is drinking out of the same cup as you, that would be actually transmitted by saliva not the cup – which is fairly gross. But I don’t think a swimming pool by itself is a mode of transmission.”

Question 4: Fact or fiction – you can create your own hand sanitizer to prevent the coronavirus? 

Answer: “Fact you can create your hand sanitizer that can be used to clean your hands and decrease risk of getting infection, but nothing is 100 percent foolproof.”

Question 5: Fact or fiction – everyone who gets infected with the coronavirus dies? 

Answer: “Fiction. Fiction. Fiction. I don’t know how to say that. I’ve treated several people with it so far and I have personally zero fatalities.”

The next edition of Fact or Fiction will air Thursday, April 9.

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