Coronavirus: Fact or Fiction?

Many of you have questions about coronavirus - and we're getting answers from local health experts.
Fact Fiction Still


There’s a lot of information flying around about COVID-19. Here at Channel 8, Nebraska’s Trusted News Source for coronavirus coverage, we want to help you sort through it all.

We’ve taken your questions and gotten answers from local health experts – to help separate fact from fiction. In this edition, we talked to Dr. David Quimby, an infectious disease doctor at CHI Health.

Question 1: Fact or Fiction – The coronavirus can travel up to 13 feet in the air?

“Technically fact –  if there’s a fan blowing right next to me and I am infected and I cough right in front of it those droplets are going to go further than normal, but normal spread tends to be closer distance than that.”

Question 2: Fact or Fiction – It takes at least 10 minutes of exposure with an infected person for you to catch the coronavirus?

“Fiction technically – It depends on the level of exposure. In the healthcare setting, we’re using a standard definition of within six feet and five minutes for possible exposure but if someone sneezes directly in your face and you feel droplets you don’t really need 10 minutes of exposure. Walking past somebody, a brief exposure, very unlikely to spread.”

Question 3: Fact or Fiction – Garlic has been shown to treat coronavirus symptoms?

“Fiction – nothing has been shown to treat the virus itself. Garlic if you eat enough of it, your breath will smell bad and people will stay away from you. . . I don’t know but nothing has been shown to demonstrate efficacy.”

Question 4: Fact or Fiction – People from certain countries are more resistant to coronavirus than others?

“Fiction – this is a novel virus to the human species so there is no innate immunity for any populations. Once it has moved through a population, depending on how much of the people get infected, there might be less of an outbreak in certain countries but at this point not so much.”

Question 5: Fact or Fiction – Sipping water every 15 minutes can prevent the coronavirus?

“Fiction – although staying hydrated is good and has a myriad of other health benefits, it has nothing to do with coronavirus.”

The next addition of fact or fiction will be Tuesday, April 21. If you have questions you want us to answer, you can send them here.

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