Coronavirus: Fact or Fiction?

Many of you have questions about coronavirus - and we're getting answers from local health experts.
Fact Fiction Still

There’s a lot of information flying around about COVID-19. Here at Channel 8, Nebraska’s Trusted News Source for coronavirus coverage, we want to help you sort through it all.

We’ve taken your questions and gotten answers from local health experts – to help separate fact from fiction. In this edition, we talked to Dr. David Quimby, an infectious disease doctor at CHI Health.

Question 1: Fact or Fiction – People with physical disabilities are more at risk of getting COVID-19?

“Fiction – your physical disabilities, in general, don’t have anything to do with your immune system and at this point, nobody has any inborn immunity to this because its new to the human species. Due to the nature of your disability, you might be more prone to getting a severe infection, for example, if there’s something wrong with the muscles of your chest wall so your lungs are at risk you would be at higher risk. But as for actual infection itself, not so much.”

Question 2: Fact or Fiction – Not wearing contact lenses can reduce the risk of getting COVID-19? 

“Both – people who wear contact lenses are by default touching their face at least a couple of times a day however the generally wash their hands very well before they do that, so that’s really not an issue and when you compare the amount of face touching in a general day as opposed to the two episodes for contact lenses, it’s probably pretty negligible.”

Question 3: Fact or Fiction – Pneumonia and flu vaccines are effective against COVID-19? 

“Fiction – vaccines are targeting a particular infection, virus, or bacteria. Neither of those vaccines targets this virus. While you don’t want to have both influenza and COVID-19 at the same time, we’re moving out of flu season but those vaccines won’t have anything to do with this guy.”

Question 4: Fact or Fiction – COVID-19 is especially harmful to pregnant women?

“Fiction – they have done some studies so far to see how pregnant women do compared to their non-pregnant counterparts, and while you don’t want pregnant women to have any sort of infection, there doesn’t seem to be a higher rate of ending up on a ventilator or those kinds of issues. With any febrile illness, you can have effects on the baby but it seems to be just on the guides of fever and infection, and not this is worse than other ones.”

Question 5: Fact or Fiction – Holding your breath for 10 seconds without coughing is proof you don’t have COVID-19?

“Fiction- I’m not sure where this came from, but, yeah that to my knowledge has no basis to any sort of study or anything like that.”

The next addition of fact or fiction will be Tuesday, April 28. If you have questions you want us to answer, you can send them here.

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