Costumed riders take on Star City BMX Halloween race

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — With all of Lincoln preparing for Halloween festivities on Monday, some chose to dress up a bit early.

But showing off their costumes wasn’t the only priority for Star City BMX racers, they also want to show off their skills.

Cyclists of all ages gathered to test their abilities and show that they have what it takes to come in first place.

“[My kids] just like to win if they can,” said Star City President, Alex Snell.

Snell has been participating in BMX events for just four years, but has been supporting his son’s races for the past seven years.

“The nice thing about BMX is that it is a sport for everybody,” he said.

Snell’s family has been working throughout the year to prepare for the national championship in November with Sunday’s event being a step toward that goal.

“It’s the mother of all events with fast riders there,” Snell said. “If you can make it to a main event there you’ve done very well.”

He said Sunday’s event was also about having fun, which is why riders could wear any costume they liked as long as it didn’t hinder their vision.

Many of the motos came out to be neck-in-neck with racers finishing within milliseconds of each other.

Parent’s made sure to stand as close to the track as possible to cheer on their little ones, some as young as three years old.

To see Sunday’s moto results click here.

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