Crime Tip Tuesday: Neighborhood watch

Maybe you're in one, maybe you'd like to start one, or maybe you're just curious. Here's all the info about neighborhood watch groups.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) If you’ve done any amount of travel around Lincoln or just about any other city in America, you’ve likely seen at least one neighborhood watch sign somewhere. Maybe you’re already a part of a group. If you are, that makes you one of several hundred in Lincoln. However, there’s always room for more.

The three components of the “crime triangle” are ability, desire, and opportunity. The neighborhood watch can reduce the opportunity aspect of crime.

If you think your neighborhood could benefit from a watch group, ask around, and see what your neighbors think. If you get enough interest, you can reach out to the Lincoln Police Department to get your startup kit.

You can read up on the neighborhood watch groups in Lincoln right here.

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