Different Monday morning energy after Husker’s first win

Scott Frost and his players said the atmosphere was different this morning following Saturday's win.
Game Reactions

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Huskers’ energy was still high this morning coming off their first win of the season on Saturday.

Inside linebacker and captain Collin Miller said today was different than previous post-game Mondays, as players were walking into practice with smiles on their faces instead of their heads hanging.

Also, many fans were surprised when they tuned into the game to find the Huskers switched sidelines to face Penn State. Head coach Scott Frost explained the move to the West sideline after over 50 years.

“It’s real easy with us signaling things for people to see the east sideline from the press box,” Frost said. “I wanted to make sure we did everything to protect our signals, particularly when there is less chaos in the stadium.”

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