Dinsdale Joins U.S. Senate Race

A Nebraska banker is the fourth Republican to enter the primary race to replace Mike Johanns.

Monday morning, in his hometown of Palmer, Nebraska, Sid Dinsdale, Pinnacle Bank President, announced his candidacy.

He then traveled to Lincoln where a Nebraska legend and former congressman endorsed him.

Dr. Tom Osborne introduced the candidate and then sat in the audience as Dinsdale addressed the crowd.

Dinsdale is a conservative pro–life Republican.

Surrounded by family, he pledged that he'd use his business and small town background to serve the people of Nebraska.

“I'm increasingly frustrated with the government intruding into our lives as individuals and businesses,” says Dinsdale. “I just think we need to get back to the principles our country was founded on where the government works for us, we the people don't work for the government.”

Dinsdale pointed out that he's not a lifelong politician and would be a two term senator.

The other candidates are Omaha attorney, Bart McLeay, former State Treasurer Shane Osborn and Ben Sasse, the president of Midland University in Fremont.