Disturbance at Lobo’s City Mex Market over $2400 check quickly escalates

fake check

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Sunday evening, around 6:30, Lincoln Police were called to Lobo’s City Mex Market Convenience Store on N. 27 Street on a report of a man causing a disturbance. Police found the disturbance was due to an argument over a fraudulent check, which he tried to cash for 2,400 dollars.

Store staffers locked the doors until police arrived, only to find the suspect attempting the break the windows with a stool. When the building was unlocked for officers, the suspect attempted to push through officers to run away. After a short struggle, he was taken into custody.

Officers identified the suspect as 40-year-old William Schippert and confirmed that the check was a forgery, payroll check for a closed business. Employees said they had also recognized him from another fake check incident on Aug. 7 for 2,200 dollars.

Lincoln Police found Schippert was also wanted for several other charges, including a vehicle break in, misuse of a debit card at an ATM, and another forged check. Schippert was arrested for four counts of 2nd degree forgery, theft by deception, theft by receiving, and criminal mischief.

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