Dreary weather likely to clear out by late afternoon


Well, today was the day where “we can’t rule out a shower or storm overnight and into Sunday” came true across southern Nebraska. The rain was more widespread and formed about 50-100 miles farther to the north than previously thought.


This rain dropped several inches of rain over southern Nebraska overnight Saturday.


Southern Lancaster County only saw a few hundredths of an inch, and some showers were able to brush south Lincoln. However, north Lincoln was left dry on Sunday morning with no observed rainfall reported at the airport.

Most of the rain is still SOUTH of Lincoln and will likely remain south as it fizzles out Sunday afternoon.

Lincoln was close enough to the rain to see plenty of cloud cover. This has put a halt to our rise in temperatures. Temperatures as of 11 AM are in the low to mid-70s whereas temperatures are in the low-80s in northern Nebraska.


I think that this will prevent Lincoln from reaching the mid-90s this afternoon. With some afternoon clearing, highs should be able to reach the upper 80s to around 90.


As we head into next week, we’re confident that temperatures are going to soar. We should be in the upper 90s by Tuesday and may even surpass the century mark on Wednesday. Factor in the humidity, and things will feel plain gross outside. If you don’t have air conditioning or work outside, remember to stay hydrated and practice heat safety!

Meteorologist Malcolm Byron

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