Dry turkey; The kind you like

A cold front passed through southeast Nebraska early Wednesday.  That allowed for cooler air to filter in to the state.  Temperatures will falling throughout the day.  Winds were also gusting out of the north to 45 mph.  Made for tough driving on east-west roads.

It will be a cold start to Thanksgiving.  Clouds will decrease overnight, turning partly cloudy.  There could be a few patches of low overcast skies at sunrise.  Temperatures will drop to the teens to lower 20°s.  While the wind will not be strong, wind chills will be in the teens.

Dma Tomorrow High

Sunny skies are expected throughout the day.  This means dry conditions for the holiday.  It will be a cool day.  Temperatures will struggle to get in to the upper 30°s to lower 40°s.


Temperatures jump for Black Friday.  There will be a few clouds around in the morning, temperatures will quickly climb through the 40°s and 50°s.  It should top out at 60° in Lincoln.  A fantastic day for college football as the Huskers host the Iowa Hawkeyes at Memorial Stadium.

Above normal temperatures will be the rule, not the exception, for the remainder of November.  Highs in the 50°s and 60°s – and lows in the 20°s and 30°s – are expected for each day of November.  December looks to open warm as well, even approaching 70° by December 2.

– Chief Meteorologist John Dissauer

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