Extreme wind chills with blowing snow Thursday

Thursday will be a brutal day for anyone needing to brave the cold or travel. Temperatures are not going to get above 0° at any point throughout the day, and high temperatures will still be several degrees below zero. Winds will be one of the driving factors to keep conditions miserable and, at times, dangerous to be about.

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With periods of blowing snow throughout the day, winds will remain strong and out of the northwest. Gusts are likely to be as high as 45 mph with things not looking to settle until this weekend. With the light snowfall from late Wednesday into early Thursday, it will not take much to reduce visibilities for much of the day.

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And following the strong winds, wind chills will be extreme and at their worst Thursday morning. We are expecting -30 to -40°F wind chills for Thursday for southeast Nebraska, and -50+ out in northwest Nebraska. Looking hour by hour, even our “warmest” times of the day will still feel over 30° below zero, almost 70 degrees colder than normal.

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The cold will not break records for Lincoln today, though. Currently the record for December 22nd is -27°F set back in 1983. A record we may come close to is the coldest “high” temperature for the day set back in 1989 of -6°F. Pictured below is a snapshot of the “warmest” wind chills expected for the state by Thursday afternoon.

Jess Model Wind Chill

As for active winter weather alerts, we were downgraded to a Winter Weather Advisory through 6 p.m. tonight for periods of blowing snow impacting travel conditions. The Wind Chill Warning will remain in place through the day Saturday as wind chills remain -20 to -40°F.

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As Christmas draws nigh, temperatures will jump back to the 20s and what looks to be the 40s by New Year’s. Following the snowfall from Wednesday into early Thursday morning, little to no precipitation looks to come in the near future.

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