Father speaks after tragic Fremont crash

By: Bill Schammert

Just days after a tragic accident killed three Fremont teens, a fourth is still fighting for his life.

Along the highway, pieces from that rollover have been replaced my flowers and a memorial.  Jackson Blick, Tyler Walling and Trey Hansen, all 16, were all killed in that tragic accident.

But, in so much darkness, there is hope in Jake Burnside. 

His family says he received surgery on Wednesday and was taken out of his medically induced coma on Thursday.

“They're all good friends of mine, of my sons.  Keep your thoughts and prayers with them, as well as Jake, my son's getting better,” Jake's father, Carter Burnside, said.

Classmates filled the Fremont streets with “Honk for Jake” posters, one gas station even sent its prayers.

Jake's sister Cassie's Twitter account has been keeping family and friends up to date on Jake's Condition.  Throughout the day on Thursday she tweeted things like, “Jake has had some more movement,” and “Jake just moved both arms, squeezed both hands and wiggled his toes.”

“With God's help, and support from family and friends, we'll be fine,” Jake's father said.

Mr. Burnside said he still doesn't know how he is going to tell his son that all three of his friends have died, but the only thing to do, is to tell him the truth when he wakes up.

Funeral arraignments for the three boys killed in the crash have been finalized.

Services for Jackson Blick will be Friday morning, at 10:00 a.m., at Fremont Alliance Church.

Services for Tyler Walling will also be Friday, at 2:00 p.m., at First Lutheran Church in Fremont.

Services for Trey Hansen will be Saturday, at 10:00 a.m., also at First Lutheran Church.


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