Feeling more like summer as temperatures and humidity rise

Another day.  Another day with mainly cloudy skies and scattered showers and thunderstorms.  What started out as a sunny start to May, only 33% of possible sunshine has been able to reach the ground since May 7.

We will keep a chance for scattered showers in the forecast for the rest of Wednesday evening, although I think the rain will be far and few between.  An isolated shower will remain in the forecast overnight.

Skies will be mostly cloudy Thursday.  Scattered showers will once again be possible through the day, especially during the afternoon and evening.  Winds will also be higher, with gusts to 25 mph, out of the south.

Dma Tomorrow High

Temperatures will continue to climb.  The temperature made it to 75° Wednesday – the warmest in four days. Thursday should see temperatures topping out near 80° and we climb to the middle 80°s Friday and Saturday.

2021 Klkn

Along with things heating up, you may have noticed higher humidity the last day or two.  Dew point temperatures have climbed in to the low to mid 60°s.  The dew point is the measure of the moisture in the air.  When the dew point climbs above 60° it starts to feel uncomfortable.  Once the dew point climbs in to the upper 60°s, and above, I like to say it is “muggly”.  A combination of “muggy” and “ugly”.

7 Day Gfs Dew Point Meteogram

Surface winds will remain out of the south/southeast over the next several days.  The wind will continue to draw low-level moisture up from the south, causing the dew point to climb in to the middle 60°s, approaching 66°/67°.  I think you’ll notice the humidity more Friday through early next week.

– Chief Meteorologist John Dissauer

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