Lincoln firefighters battling grass fires

By: Jenn Hatcher

Extremely dry grass
and light wind fueled grass fires around Lincoln Tuesday

Lincoln firefighters responded to a grass fire on
Tanker Hill in Air
Park during the evening
hours. Approximately eight acres burned, no structures were affected.  The damage ends just feet away from crystal Bartels'

Bartels says, “The
smoke was everywhere and the flames were rolling down the hill… and I just
grabbed what I could and ran out of the house I had no idea what was going

 Firefighters aren't sure what sparked the blaze. 

There was another
small fire at 4153 W. Thatcher that started in a
ravine. A fort made of scrap wood ignited, but firefighters
aren't sure why. 

Also, near 40th and Turner,
a neighbor saved the day.

Ren Beck pulled his
hose into his neighbor's front yard, knocking down flames before crews arrived

The home's exterior
had minor damage.. The interior was okay.

“I worked the
house side first, so I got most of it down when they came,” says Beck.

The front yard fire
was started by a discarded cigarette.

Fire officials want
to remind the public to be extra cautious in these dry conditions.

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