Former Husker Akinmoladun living out the NFL dream

OMAHA (KMTV) – Freedom Akinmoladun remembers his first play in the NFL very well.

“I can remember my first play because I had a little assist tackle and I was like, ‘Whew. Well that just happened. OK. That just happened. All right,'” the former Husker defensive lineman said.

Akinmoladun is hoping to make the Cincinnati Bengals roster this upcoming training camp. He spent last year as a member of their practice squad alongside former Husker Stanley Morgan Jr. Tight end Cethan Carter sees frequent playing time as well for the Bengals, who are coached by former Nebraska quarterback Zac Taylor.

Still, Akinmoladun is playing with house money at this point he says. And he hopes to keep riding it for however long it takes him as he lives out his dream in the NFL.

“I’m definitely going to cherish that play because it’s a beginning point,” Akinmoladun said. “A place where I can look back in my career and be like, ‘OK, this is where I started and this is where I’m at now.’ And where I started, I hoped to grow more just like I grew in college. Where when I was a freshman, I was not ready. And after a year of developing, that’s why I redshirts, I said I was ready to compete. That’s my hope, that’s my aspiration. Just to be able to go out there and compete at the highest level. Do the things I know I can do.”

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