Former Regional Center supervisor accused of sexual relationship with inmate

A former Regional Center employee is facing charges for an alleged sexual relationship she had with an inmate, according to court documents. 

Authorities arrested Chalice Closen, 37, who served as supervisor of Security Specialists at the facility, on suspicion of having multiple sexual encounters with the inmate, who was identified only by his initials. 

Another inmate alerted staff after seeing Closen and the inmate kiss, according to an arrest affidavit. 

Authorities said Closen’s supervisor had spoken with her about the “unusual” amount of on-on-one time she was spending with the inmate, and told her in an email to “be mindful of her boundaries” with patients. 

The inmate involved the in the alleged relationship with Closen admitted they had sexual encounters several times, typically in Closen’s office, according to the document. 

Closen is no longer employed by the state, according to an online database of state employees. 

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