Going to the grocery store is hitting U.S. wallets harder


LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Filling the dinner table is emptying your wallet.

Food inflation remains on an upward trend, even out-pacing overall inflation.

For the twelve-month period that ended in November, the cost of food became 10.6% more expensive according to the Bureau of Labor statistics.

Officials say numerous factors are to blame including supply chain issues, crop-damaging diseases and extreme weather.

The B.L.S. report, released Tuesday, says eggs are nearly 50% more expensive than they were a year ago

Butter prices shot up 27%.

The cost for some items, like uncooked beef and bacon, did decrease in that same time frame.

However, the cattle ranching industry is facing problems due in part to devastating droughts.

Analysts say that will likely cause affect prices in the future.

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