Gov. Jim Pillen signs bill that expands access to E15 gasoline in Nebraska

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Gov. Jim Pillen signed the Adopt the E15 Access Standard Act on Thursday.

Legislative Bill 562, which was introduced by Sen. Myron Dorn, requires most gas stations to offer E15 gasoline by 2028.

The legislation also gives tax credits to gas stations that offer higher ethanol blends.

Lawmakers said smaller gas stations will have the option to file for exemptions. Those approved will have five years to add E15 to the pumps.

Whitehead Oil Company and U-Stop already implemented E-15 options at U-Stop locations.

President Mark Whitehead says that’s because his top concern is customer satisfaction.

“In the industry we have to respond to our consumers demands and what they want. not so much an advocate for the ethanol industry as i am an advocate for our customers”

– Mark Whitehead, President of U-Stop

The Renewable Fuels Association said that during the pandemic, Americans who used E-15 saved nearly $60 million at the pump.

It came at a time many people dealt with financial hardships.

On Tuesday, senators voted 46-0 to pass the E15 Access Standard Act after the final round of debate.

At the signing Thursday, Pillen was joined by several state senators, including Dorn, Anna Wishart and Tony Vargas.

The law goes into effect in 2024.

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