Health care workers are continuing to work with COVID

Record-setting case numbers force hospitals to revise rules

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Many hospitals around the country are choosing to let staff with COVID continue to work if they have mild to no symptoms.

As the omicron variant surges nationwide, case numbers are hitting record highs.  Lancaster County saw 702 cases on Saturday, and the U.S. obliterated the global record yesterday with 1.4 million positive tests, according to the New York Times.  Hospitals are being flooded with patients, but are short staffed as many workers are out with COVID.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said last month that health care workers who are asymptomatic may return to work after isolating for 7-days and testing negative, but the time can be cut shorter if staffing shortages require it.

California health authorities announced last weekend that staff members who are positive, but symptom-free may continue working to combat overwhelming hospitalization numbers.  The workers must wear N-95 masks and will be assigned to treat COVID-positive patients.  Some hospitals in Rhode Island and Arizona are also implementing these rules.

These decisions are being met with uncertainty by others who are saying that this will only make the situation worse.

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