HealthWISE: Giving back and giving blood: Valentines Day blood drive

Posted By: Vanessa Brown

This Valentine’s Day you’re invited to roll up a sleeve and give the gift of life!

There’s a special blood drive all in honor of a Lincoln man who fought a courageous battle with cancer.

“He was a fighter. He loved people. He loved to joke. There wasn’t anybody that wasn’t a friend to him,” Becky Stewart, Mike’s sister, said.

February 15th Mike Stewart would have turned 63. This time last year, the Lincoln native was battling myelodysplasticsyndrome and t-cell lymphoma, a disease that left him low on healthy blood cells.

On his last birthday, Mike’s sister Becky, created a blood drive in his name. This year, she’s teaming up with the Red Cross on Valentine’s Day to do it again!

“The Savior Neighbor” blood drive runs from 9-am to 2-pm at the Lincoln Racquet Club, off Old Cheney, it’s a chance to show some real heart this holiday.

“They are giving the gift of life – it’s such an easy thing to do,” Becky Stewart said.

The Stewarts are among 62% of the population who cannot give blood. Out of the remaining 38, fewer than 10% actually donate. Some people, perhaps misunderstanding the restrictions. Here’s what you should know.  There’s no age cap., but you must be at least 17.  You must weigh at least 110-pounds, possibly more if 18 and under.

You must be in good health. You cannot have had a cold, flu or antibiotics within a few days prior. You cannot be at risk of HIV aids or hepatitis.

You can’t have any new tattoos within the last 30-days and no lengthy stays, in years, overseas. Vacations are just fine!

“Think about you or your family, if they need blood. Wouldn’t you wish that there’d be somebody out there that could give, that would give?” Becky Stewart said.

Becky says generosity bought Mike more time. Time he was able to spend with his four grandchildren. To donate, you need to bring a driver’s license. If you have questions about eligibility, click here.

This list is updated often based on diseases and areas of the world impacted by those. 

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